Praise Reports


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Efrain Rojas Jr. – 7/01/2018

I came New Beginnings Life Center a broken man, a religious man. Through the loving embrace of the Pastor, his wife, and the congregation, I was able to endure a lot and embrace the change that I needed in order to be the man our father has planned me to be. I was helped in so many ways by this God-fearing family, that when I reflect as to who I was, and who I am I owe it to this church, an amazing Shepard and, above all, to God. Glory be to God.

Willie Twiggs – 8/29/2016

Gracious Heavenly Father as I write these words I pray you let your Spirit lead and guide my mind and fingers. This testimony is intended to Glorify you Father, but I have to let the World know about Your Shepherd at New Beginnings Life Center Church. He is Truly a man after your own Heart. I remember the first conversation we had, and at the end of it he told me Be Lead By The Spirit. I have heard him tell so many people that since. I don’t do a lot of talking more of an observer, and what I see is a Leader by example, the Love he has for People is unmatched Except by you. His heart and mind stays on you and he tries to instill that in everyone he met. He gives of himself so Freely. I have grown so much Spiritually through his teaching and I Thank you for Putting your Spirit in him. It is my Sincere Prayer that you Keep Him In Good Health give him All the tools he needs to continue to do Your Work and give him the desires of His Heart, Observation he won’t ask.  Again Father Thank you for Bringing Pastor Earl Harrigan into my life.